In 2013, the Government of Rwanda donated five acres of land to Shelter Them Batarure in Bugesera in order to allow us to establish a facility to provide support to children and families in the Bugesera district. Bugasera was significantly affected by the genocide, and families are still recovering to this day. Shelter Them is currently making an impact in the following areas in Bugasera:



Shelter Them has assisted eight families to grow crops on the land, resulting in harvests of food which they can consume or sell. Crops have been harvested and families are taking pride in becoming more self sufficient.


Shelter Them is supporting eight families with a total of 37 children.These families are being provided food, shelter, health care and education assistance as well as skills development.



Shelter Them is building houses for Bugasera families. Seven houses have been built to date. Toilets, bathrooms and kitchens are part of the construction.



Shelter Them is developing plans to build a vocational center in Bugasera which will allow youth to obtain the life skills and the technical training to set them up for a self sufficient life. 

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